Kellers Custom Jewellery Design

Custom DesignVisualizing a completed piece of jewellery is difficult when looking at a pencil sketch. Here a Keller's Jewellers, we use the latest in software technology to bring jewellery ideas to life on the computer screen.

- We can add more diamonds to your existing ring.
- We can create a piece of jewellery using your existing stones.
- We can display it in yellow gold, white gold or two-tone.
- We can change the rubies in your ring to emeralds.
- Create a service environment where customers see what they see.

Digital Goldsmith is an incredible tool. You sit right down with one of our designers and create jewellery from the ground up. If you don't like what you see, a few clicks will take the image away and replace it with something you do like. Do you have an engagement ring, and need a wedding band to match it? No problem. When working with Digital Goldsmith, the first thing we do is capture a digital image of your ring. After that, we create that wedding band while you sit with us. You have direct input on how wide you want the band, how many stones, or maybe you don't want any stones at all! Almost anything is possible, and you'll see an image that is to exact scale and in full color!

Have some loose stones you want to set? We can show you how they would look in different styles of mountings, and in different colors of gold as well. We can design anything you can imagine and more! Please contact us to book an appointment.